Birmingham Feline Fanciers 43th CFA Cat Show will take place on January 31st - February 1st‐, 2015. Below are BFF cats/kittens past and present. BFF members have shown a number of different breeds over the years. Some of the more recent breeds being shown include Persian, Exotic Shorthair, American Shorthair (, and Sphynx.


   BFF Cats Shown in Past and Present Show Seasons 

GC RW Steadham's Jake Sully of Starbourne,
Blue McTabby Exotic

GC Curlydollis PrinceLeia of Steadham,
Tortie & White Devon Rex

GC SteadhamVera Wang -
Brown Classic Tabby Exotic Longhair

GC Steadham Ring-Of-Fire of Bravlion,
Red Classic Tabby Exotic

CH Ashlin Zots Georgia of Steadham

GC Steadham Dixieland Delight

Steadham I Got This of Fulton Blue

GP Steamham Waitn On A Woman

Linda and Cindy at the Memphis Show - February 2011

GP RW Time Full-of-Grace

GP Time Cleopatrica

CH Steadham Blueberry Shortcake. 

Red Tabby boy here is CH Steadham Crimson Tide. 

GC Floricats Jose Cuervoo

GC Steadham Thunder In The Night

Russeller's  Charlie's Redheaded Step Child

Russeller's BlueBonnet

 Barbara Marsh's GP NHis Time Full-of-Grace

FultonBlue's Strike up the Band

Fultonblue Unchained Melody

Fultonblue Strike up the Band

Mericat Ashcatman of Kyetrak

Russeller's Cleopatra

Fultonblue Blaze of Glory

Fultonblue Belmont

 GC Godz Godzilla of Mericat































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